Mobile Digital Imaging And 3D Scanning (Of Your Teeth)

State of the art digital imaging and 3D scanning of your teeth is available in our mobile “safer at home” concierge mobile Mercedes Sprinter or at our Imaging Center at our office in Pacific Palisades.

Safety: 100% safe, non-X-ray.

Accuracy: Exceptional.

(Much more accurate than any impression material available worldwide.)

Time of scan: Approximately 4 seconds per tooth.

No more messy, impressions in your mouth.

Fast, clean, and accurate:
Patients love how fast, clean, and comfortable digital impressions are.
We like the exceptional accuracy and safety.

Diagnosis and treatment planning:
3-D models of your teeth can be reset digitally by Dr. Jacobson for analysis.

dental digital imaging and 3D scanning of your teeth

Lingual Braces:
Custom-fit orthodontic appliances and custom individualized braces can be made for precise fit and placement on your teeth, including lingual braces placed on the inside surfaces of your teeth so they are not visible.

Invisalign and Clear Aligners:
Highly accurate and effective Clear Aligners can be also be individually prescribed and made.

TMJ and OSA:
Digital intra-oral images of your teeth are also used for integration with facial and skeletal imaging to create a patient-specific anatomical reconstruction for diagnosis and surgical and non-surgical treatment planning and for making surgical and non-surgical splints including appliances for TMJ dysfunction and obstructive sleep apnea.

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