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Children age 5-9

Orthodontic Center LA for Children

People ask: “How do we get such good results in children.

Our secret – fun first.

Elsa loves coming to visit and we love working with children.

Orthodontic Center – Retainers

When children are having fun, they enjoy visiting our office and become incredible partners  in the process.

Children love to learn and want to help us. They also love participating in the process and enjoy knowing what we are doing and why.

Participating in our small way to the magnificence of a child’s future, to us, is the greatest gift. Children have an innocence and magical energy that is contagious and keeps us young at heart.

“I miss those years with my own children. Seems like yesterday when my little boy Michael and my little girl Katherine were sitting in my chair for orthodontic treatment. Savor every moment. Stomatognathic health and happiness is the birthright of all children.”
— Richard L Jacobson DMD MS

Dr Jacobson with smiling children patients

What age is the best age for an initial orthodontic examination?

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children visit a Board Certified Orthodontist for an initial orthodontic evaluation at age 5 or 6 or 7 years, before the permanent teeth erupt.


Most malocclusions (bad bites) can be prevented or intercepted and the treatment time can often be shorter and much easier, if caught early, age 6 or 7, before all of the permanent teeth erupt.

Below are quadruplets that their mom brought in from Newport Beach, since she just completed extensive orthodontic treatment with us as an adult. She learned from us that her children can get a  short course of interceptive treatment with removable appliances  worn at night while sleeping, to prevent the extensive orthodontic correction she had.

young patients group photo

The quadruplets had so much fun, picked colors and stickers on their removable teeth guiding retainers, custom made in our lab, and we were able to prevent unnecessary and extensive orthodontic correction using a staged approach.

See below, years later, on their way to college with beautiful smiles and healthy bites with minimal active treatment, phased strategically.

the quadruplets with their mom and Dr. Jacobson, now in college

Children love choosing fun colors for their braces. They can even easily change the colors, each appointment, eg. for holidays or for special events.

We use individually prescribed custom appliances that help us:

Reduce treatment times.* (Patented design to significantly reduce friction.)

Render care that is much more comfortable for children. (Using gentle, biologically optimal pressures and very light custom orthodontic wires with shape memory.)

*This includes a BioProgressive technique patented by Dr. Jacobson’s mentor, Dr. Ricketts, over his 50 years of private practice.

Why not wait until all of the teeth are in the mouth?

The longer you wait, the more there is to correct. Guiding the teeth into place at a young age can be very gentle, easy and accomplished intermittently within relatively short periods of time.

Fun first, is our ‘modus operandi’ with children.

Ask us about our Cavity Prevention Program.
Did you know that dental decay, (cavities) is 100% preventable, especially in children.

Sibling showing brother how to brush teethHere we see …….teaching her brother …….the toothbrushing technique part of our Cavity Prevention Program (CPP) that she learned from us.