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Frenectomy Los Angeles

There are two types of frenectomies.

The maxillary or upper lip frenctomy
The mandibular or lower lingual (under tongue) frenectomy

What is a maxillary frenectomy?

A maxillary frenectomy is a relatively minor surgical procedure that involves the removal or release of the frenum, a small fold of tissue that connects the lips or cheeks to the gums, usually in the front of the mouth between the two front teeth.

What is the purpose of a maxillary frenectomy?

A maxillary frenectomy procedure is performed in order to improve the function of the affected area.

Can a maxillary frenectomy help prevent gum recession?

Yes. A maxillary frenectomy is typically performed on children and adults to help prevent recession of the gum tissue in that area, if the tissue is close to the gum margin.

Does a frenectomy help close a gap between the two front teeth?

Yes. A maxillary frenectomy can be performed to help with space closure during orthodontic movement of teeth, eg. to close a space between the two front teeth. The frenectomy can also help prevent the space from recurring, following orthodontic treatment.

Is a frenectomy done under local anaesthesia?

Yes. Frenectomies are typically performed using a local anesthetic, which numbs the affected area and minimizes discomfort during the procedure.

In some cases, a light general anesthetic may be used, particularly in young children or individuals who have a high level of anxiety or fear associated with the procedure.

Who performs the frenectomy?

At Orthodontic Center Los Angeles the surgery is performed by an experienced Surgeon, board certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and board certified in Plastic Surgery.

How is the frenectomy performed?

A small incision is made in the frenum to carefully separate it from the surrounding tissue. In some cases, the frenum may be partially or completely released or removed and must be performed by a surgeon with extensive experience in frenectomies, for best results, with a comprehensive understanding of the modified Edwards technique.

Where is the incision made and are there any scars?

The small incision is made, inside the mouth and then closed with small sutures or surgical adhesive with no visible scars, since the incision is inside the mouth.

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How quick is the recovery from a frenectomy and is it painful?

Patients at Orthodontic Center Los Angeles generally go home immediately following the procedure and report minimal discomfort. Since the surgeon performing the frenectomy at Orthodontic Center Los Angeles is board certified in Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Plastic Surgery, patients generally report having a rapid recovery with little downtime. A short course of over the counter pain medication is optional.

How long does a frenecomy take?

A frenectomy, done correctly by a Surgeon with extensive experience, is completed in thirty minutes.

What is a lingual or tongue frenectomy?

A lingual frenectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal or release of the frenulum linguae, a small fold of tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This procedure is typically performed on infants, children, and adults who have difficulty moving their tongue freely due to a restrictive frenulum linguae. It is also used for infants that have difficulty breast-feeding due to a restriction of the infants tongue that affects breast of bottle suckling.