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World renowned for our natural, beautiful smiles
and healthy comfortable bites, designed to last a lifetime.

Dr. Jacobson is a recognized expert, clinician, and researcher in orthodontics for children and adults. He has been in practice for over 30 years and has analyzed, documented, and completed treatment on over 12,000 patients.

Dr. Jacobson with quadruplets family

Richard L. Jacobson, DMD, MS


Dr. Jacobson has advanced training and extensive experience in orthodontics for jaw surgery, jaw and bite disorders, temporomandibular joint disorders and obstructive sleep apnea.The core of his treatment philosophy is directed toward progressively enhancing the overall health, optimal function, and natural aesthetics of his patients. His treatment is preventative, interceptive, corrective, and bio-mimetic.

Dr. Jacobson received his postdoctoral certification at the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Department of Orthodontics in 1981. He then pursued advanced training in jaw and bite disorders at the UCLA Temporomandibular Joint Department earning a master’s degree in oral biology in 1983. Over the next five years, he received additional training at the American Institute of Bio-progressive Education where he was invited to teach with one of his mentors Dr. Robert M Ricketts, world renown for his contributions to the profession of orthodontics and his expertise in temporomandibular joint disorders and orthodontics for jaw surgery.

Dr. Jacobson, Orthodontics Center of LA

Early Experience and Publications

Early in his career, Dr. Jacobson befriended Tom Graber DDS MS PHD(Professor of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics) and Dr VanArsdale (dual board certified Professor of Orthodontics and Periodontics Department Chairman, University of Pensylvania) and incorporates their teachings into his lectures, presentations and clinical practice in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Dr. Jacobson taught part time at UCLA School of Dentistry, department of Orthodontic for 20 years, postdoctoral students studying Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics. He has also lectured on jaw and bite disorders, orthodontics and jaw surgery throughout the United States and abroad.

Publications include articles in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, the American Journal of Orthodontics, and the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He also authored several chapters in various books including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Lippincott-Raven Publishing) and Peterson’s 3rd Edition two volume textbook, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. His text book, Cephalometrics, From Basic to 3-D published by Quintessence (best-selling textbook) is used by orthodontists, surgeons and postdoctoral orthodontist and surgery residents at universities throughout the USA and abroad and translated into different languages.

Experience and Private Practice

Dr. Jacobson served as President of the UCLA Orthodontics Alumni Association, Director of the Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education and President of the FORE. He served on the UCLA/St. John’s Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Team, and as Director of the W.O.D.T., a multi-disciplinary diagnostic team of specialists including prominent maxillofacial surgeons, otorhinolaryngologists, rheumatologists, neurologists, orthodontists, dentists, and speech pathologists. It was this experience and the recruiting of Dr. Stephen A. Schendel into his private practice (Professor Emeritus and Chief of Plastic Surgery, Stanford University, Department of Plastic Surgery), that inspired the launch of the multi-disciplinary center in Pacific Palisades that includes:

  • Orthodontic Center Los Angeles
  • Jaw Center Los Angeles
  • Sinus Center Los Angeles
  • Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jacobson is in the exclusive practice of Orthodontics for children and adults. He loves working with children and cites as one of his greatest joys, the opportunity to treat his own two children, Katherine and Michael, both who won best smile in Malibu, two years apart. Dr. Jacobson has extensive experience working with adults with teeth, jaw and bite disorders. He is known world wide for his creativity, pragmatism and extensive experience. His special interest includes helping patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Every day, patients teleconference us from all over the world and many choose to fly into our renown multidisciplinary center in Pacific Palisades for Orthodontics and Jaw Surgery.

Dr. Dorfman

David Dorfman, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Doctor David Dorfman is the Chief of Surgery at Jaw Surgery Los Angeles

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dorfman is one of the most highly sought after surgeons in North America. We are most fortunate to have Dr. Dorfman here serving the greater Los Angeles area and California.

Patients flying in from out of state and from abroad can arrange an initial virtual teleconference consultation.

Dr. Dorfman is a highly trained and skilled triple board-certified Maxilla-facial, Plastic Surgeon and Cranio-facial Surgeon. His advanced training encompasses Oral, Maxillo-facial and Reconstructive surgery. His dual Board Certification in Maxilla-facial Surgery is ideal for patients that need Jaw Surgery and his Board Certification in Plastic Surgery allows him a magnificent soft tissue management with natural looking results that patients apreciate.


  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Board of Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Dorfman is one of an elite few surgeons world-wide, double board-certified in both Maxillofacial Surgery and Plastic Surgery. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

In addition, he has advanced training in Facial Plastic Surgery from the prestigious Stanford University Medical Center, Department of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Dorfman earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychobiology with distinction. He then earned his degree in Dentistry from the University of California, Los Angeles with distinction. Dr. Dorfman then enrolled at the University of California, Davis, and received his M.D. medical degree with distinction.

His outstanding academic and clinical achievements earned him and invitation to the University of California, San Francisco where he completed and excelled in General Surgery in their highly heralded and rigorous post doctoral Surgery Program.

Dr. Dorfman was then invited to attend a comprehensive Plastic Surgery certification at the University of California Davis, where he underwent training in the most advanced reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures available.

Dr. Dorfman was then invited to attend the most coveted and prestigious Plastic Surgery training at Stanford Medical Center, Division of Plastic Surgery where he completed additional advanced surgical training in Facial Plastic and Cranial and Facial surgery.

We are most fortunate, at Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery, to have Dr. Dorfman, here in Los Angeles, serving the greater Los Angeles area and California. Patients flying in from our of state and from abroad can arrange an initial virtual teleconference consultation.

Dr. Dorfman loves helping people and brings to Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery his many years of expertise in Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery as well as an extensive education, experience and artistic talent in Cosmetics and Aesthetics.

Dr. Amoils

Dr. C. Philip Amoils

Top Sinus Doctor in Los Angeles

C. Philip Amoils, MD is board certified Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist (Sinus, Snoring & Airway Specialist) at Med Center LA, and Chief of Surgery at Sinus Center LA in Pacific Palisades. Dr. Amoils is board certified in Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery that includes allergy, facial plastic surgery, pediatric ENT, and airway surgery since 1997.

Watch Video: Welcome to Sinus Center LA

Dr. Amoils is considered to be one of the most experienced ENT surgeons in the world for sinus surgery and obstructive sleep apnea. He has helped many thousands of patients over more than 25 years in Los Angeles.

Dr. Amoils is a luminary for image guided sinus surgery at Sinus Center LA. Doctors throughout the USA and around the world can attend his courses and watch him work in his onsite AAAHC Surgical Center. He also provides educational seminars in Europe and East Asia. He also has an onsite teaching center and demonstrates protocols he has developed for sinus congestion, snoring, mouth breathing, nasal obstruction and obstructive sleep apnea using minimally invasive procedures and surgery.

Dr, Amoils graduated from University of the Witwatersrand in 1987 and was invited to study and conduct research in hearing and balance at University of San Francisco Medical Center. He completed his residency and certification in Otorhinolaryngology at the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center in 1997.

As a fourth generation physician, you could say Dr. Amoils was born with medicine in his blood. Dr Amoils senior – Arthur Amoils FRCS was a teaching surgeon in London and Johannesburg and taught his methods to his sons from an early stage in Medical School. The tradition continues as Dr. Amoils’ niece is currently studying otorhinolaryngology at Stanford University.

Dr. Amoils is board certified in Otolaryngology, ENT and Plastic Surgery, by the American Board of Medical Specialties. He has a special interest and 30 years of specialty experience in Allergy.

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