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Children ages 10-19

Orthodontic Center LA for Children

Prevention and interception is better than correction

Many parents are not aware that developing malocclusions can be prevented or intercepted, (please see the section for children ages 5-9 years old) so they wait until more permanent teeth are visible in the mouth prior to initiating orthodontic treatment.

Fortunately there are effective ways to correct teeth at any age.

Gloria: Welcome

Gloria: Transformation

There are seven main categories of appliances that we use to correct and intercept developing malocclusions. These include, custom made removable acryllic appliances, custom made crickets and other removable metal appliances, custom made removable clear teeth aligners and Invisalign, functional appliances including mandibular posturing appliances, metal fixed attached appliances (braces) attached to the outside of the teeth, clear ceramic braces attached to the outside surfaces of the teeth and lingual (invisible) appliances attached to the inside surfaces of the teeth.

We create a patient specific digital anatomical reconstruction of your child’s stomatognathic system (teeth, bite, jaw, TMJ airway and facial proportion and will discuss the various options and alternatives.

Below you can see a young teenager whose parents waited to initiate orthodontic treatment with resultant crowding of the teeth. Fortunately, even in severe crowding cases, it is possible to move the teeth into a position where the bite can be corrected and the smile looks harmonious for your child’s facial proportion.

young teen smiling with imperfect teeth

Creating a natural looking smile, optimal facial esthetics and healthy structure and function, is an art and a science, requiring extensive experience.

Prevention is preferred, but correction, planned carefully according to your child’s temperament, and each individual’s skeletal and dental characteristics, can yield a result that is natural looking, and functionally and esthetically most rewarding.

Orthodontic Center – Retainers

Before orthodontic treatment

Before: Above, you see a custom made sagittal appliance, used for 8 weeks to create room for the crowded teeth. The process is called distraction osteogenesis and is gentle and gradual to preserve the health of the periodontium.

After orthodontic treatment

After: The sagittal appliance can be removed after 8 weeks but a retainer must be used for an additional 3-4 months to allow the tissues to consolidate and to gently move the teeth into alignment. (Above is the resultant teeth alignment prior to final orthodontic treatment.)

Even though the teeth look better aligned in the photo above, definitive detailing of the teeth is recommended using clear teeth aligners, or a short course of orthodontic treatment with braces, depending upon your child’s preference.