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I just want to talk about Dr. Jacobson and his wonderful care. Several years ago I came in because my jaw was locked and I was terrified. Aside from his medical expertise he was extremely gentle and told me he would help me, and not to panic. He got my jaw unlocked in a very gentle way and gave me treatment, and has been enormously supportive.

I have a deteriorating jaw due to psoriatic arthritis and I consider him one of my champions who saved me; his whole office staff and everyone here is so kind, optimistic and makes you feel cared for at all times.

Dr Jacobson knows what he is doing, always makes you feel safe and protected and cares about you a great deal, always remembering everything about your case. So I highly recommended him to so many friends for a variety of reasons they’ve come to see him and everyone just loves him.

With much appreciation


I just want to say I’m very pleased with my experience with Dr. Jacobson. I came in because I was constantly biting my lip and it never ever would seem to heal and that was my main objective. It wasn’t really for cosmetic purposes, it was to get a bite that would allow me to be healthy and not have this cheek/lip biting problem anymore. That problem was solved fairly quickly in the process even before my teeth were even completely straight, but obviously I’m pleased with the cosmetic aspect as well.

Not only do I feel it looks a lot better but I certainly haven’t had any cheek or lip biting problems for a 1 ½ or a long while now, like I said, even before the teeth were completely aligned. So I’ve been pleased with the process and very, very pleased with the assistants who work with Dr. Jacobson – very, very personable, they make me feel very comfortable every time I’m here and they’ve been great; very attentive, very interested in my care, look me in the eye and give me the straight scoop and I’ve appreciated everything. So thanks to all.


I came to see Dr. Jacobson at the end of 2002, beginning of 2003 because of my serious under bite. I think I have what they call, “mild occlusion, cl III” – the worst one. It affected my speech, the way I chew food and my own perception. I always wanted to have the surgery but wondered about the procedure, the details and my dentist told me to see Dr. Jacobson.

I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. Dr. Jacobson’s office is very friendly and manageable, especially Dr. Jacobson; he listens to the patients very patiently, and gives the best advice to the patients so they know ahead of time what’s going to happen, the whole procedure in detail. Dr. Jacobson worked closely with my oral surgeon. I had the surgery in April 2004. Because of the detailed drawing, xrays and planning of Dr. Jacobson my surgery went perfectly.

Now I have a perfect bite. I can smile very happily when I want to. I don’t have to cover my mouth when I smile and everything works fine, especially no more gums problem which occurred because of the way my jaws used to overlap. So no more gum problems and my regular checkup by my dentist always have good results. I’m very happy and would highly recommend Dr. Jacobson for braces or jaw surgery.

He is wonderful. He is also the very best orthodontist ever.


By far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made was coming to see Dr Jacobson’s team for oral surgery. I now sleep better than I’ve ever slept before and had more energy than I’ve ever had. It has helped me in my performance in cycling and throughout the day. His staff has been phenomenal helping me through the process with added personal touches that have contributed to a warm and welcoming environment.


Good morning Doctor Jacobson: A candid and sincere thank you for treating and fixing my son’s TMJ condition. He suffered for so long with such extreme pain. He is now back at college and thriving. He has recaptured is old demeanor and is happy , confident and yes a bit cocky. You were/are his savior and my hero. Know that I will recommend you to anyone I know who is in need. You are a true gentleman and an exceptional physician.

With much appreciation


Dr. Jacobson and staff are so wonderful and attentive. When I first walked in to the office I was greeted so kindly by the front office receptionists and the whole atmosphere of the office was warm and welcoming.

I was a little skeptical of orthodontia in general due to a visit with a different dentist, but Dr. Jacobson walked me through precisely how my teeth could be aligned to better strengthen my bite for functionality and aesthetics.

He constantly works to ensure the best quality of care for his patients, and that is well represented in the fact that many of the patients here have been with this practice for years! I would not hesitate to schedule an appointment with him; he is more than willing to walk you through his thought process in creating your treatment plan and is receptive to your concerns.


I cannot say enough great things about my experience at Dr. Jacobson’s office. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. My smile now looks amazing. I had a journey and was patient, and the results are unbelievable.

Thank goodness I trusted him because he’s a perfectionist and wanted to do everything the right way. It totally paid off. Now I have all three of my kids seeing him and hopefully they will have the same amazing results that I have. I think I’m now friends with all the girls in the entire office. Anyway, I cannot say enough wonderful things.

I’ve referred all my friends and their kids to see him. The results, once again, are fantastic.

PATRICIA ALLWRIGHT (Mother of a young patient)

From a parent’s point of view, I feel that Dr. Jacobson really did a remarkable job on Christian’s teeth. He had the possibility of losing two teeth because they (the upper cuspids) were coming into the root and overlapping the adjacent teeth next to them. There was a real possibility he might have lost a couple of teeth from being damaged by the root and would not have the outcome he has now. Which through surgery and the treatments he really saved Christian’s smile.

He saved the teeth that were erupting, and now it looks like a whole, new… I think he’s performed pretty much a miracle in regards to how well and thorough his treatment was. And now, he’s beginning the second phase of his orthodontic treatment and it’s just going to be wonderful regarding Christian having this fantastic smile that reflects his inner being and inner joy. We’re very grateful to Dr. Jacobson and the staff, who are so professional, kind and patient.

We feel the level and caliber of the care here is just really exemplary. I would say, it’s a world-class caliber of professionalism, treatment, and care.

I’m very, very grateful for the wonderful expertise and the kindness in the process as well. We’re very happy customers here! Thank you, thank you very much.


Everywhere I go, I just sing your praises and think you have such a wonderful practice – one of the best I’ve ever seen. Everyone here is amazing, and in my opinion, it starts from the top. And I tell everybody how great you are everywhere I go.


This is Isabel Freed and I just got my braces off. I feel great! I couldn’t be happier with the results of my whole process here from surgery to the finished result and the whole team here has been incredible and Dr. Jacobson is just great at what he does. So I want to thank you all and have a great day! Bye!


I came to Dr. Jacobson sometime several years ago because I was having some problems with earaches and he totally corrected it by giving me a nightguard and the earaches totally went away; he’s like the master, he’s incredible. I just came back to him because I broke a retainer and he’s correcting that and I could not be any happier with him. He’s incredible to work with; very sweet, very thoughtful and brilliant and that’s what matters. He’s been wonderful for me and I totally plan on continuing with him because he’s so good at what he does. I’m glad to be asked any other questions at any time. Thank you.


Just want to talk about my experience here, the office of Dr. Jacobson. Having had braces at 13 and then a 2nd round at 53 at the recommendation of my DDS. I can tell you that the experience was nothing short of spectacular. My teeth are now, once again, perfectly straight and aligned and very comfortable to have in my head. My only recommendation to all pre-teen patients is this: when the doctor tells you to wear your retainer, wear your retainer. You don’t want to do this again, 30 or 40 years later. Thank you for everything.


First I would like to tell you what an enormous impact you had on my life. I had experienced over a decade of pain from my TMJ and I had been to many “experts” and honestly felt that I would live a life of pain and discomfort. Then I met you, you put me back into braces in my mid-twenties and fixed my bite and changed my life. I was able to focus on school again and was able to continue to have a full and pain free life. I couldn’t be more indebted to you. Therefore, when my eight year-old daughter clearly needed orthodontic work, I didn’t even consider going anywhere else. Of course there are others closer and less expensive, but going elsewhere wasn’t even considered. I know that you are the best.


I am thrilled to be a patient of Dr. Jacobson! I’d been to another orthodontist who was not able to correct my smile. When I saw Dr. Jacobson he knew exactly what to do. His adjustments have given me a perfect smile and bite. He is brilliant, attentive and thorough. I will refer my friends without hesitation.


My husband found Dr. Jacobson a few years ago through a referral from his dentist. Dr. Jacobson was efficient and precise in his treatment, which lead me to also become a patient of Dr. Jacobson. I had terrible pains in my jaws. After a while, I had no more pain. My teeth are much better looking nowadays and I pain has not come back whatsoever. Now, our children have both become patients of Dr. Jacobson. He has already identified some issues with our oldest, and we are treating those before they become a more sever issue.

We are happy that we have come across Dr. Jacobson. He is very knowledgeable, sincere and a pleasure to deal with. He explains the paths to treatment quite well, and in all instances with our family, the approaches have worked well. The staff at Dr, Jacobson’s clinic is always courteous and polite.

We feel our family is in great hands at Dr. Jacobson’s clinic.


I have had jaw issues for almost 10 years and Dr. Jacobson has been the ONLY doc who has really helped. He is treating the underlying issue, rather than just the symptoms. I sent my mom to him too because he has been so helpful! The office staff is so kind and caring. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Jacobson!


My daughter was a patient of Dr. Jacobson in 2002 as an eleven year old child. She is now twenty-eight years old and has a smile of a celebrity. I am so grateful to Dr. Jacobson and his staff for transitioning her teeth into the beautiful smile she holds today.

Interestingly enough I find myself in Dr. Jacobson’s chair for a restructuring of my smile from 1970s tooth pulling orthodontia.

I am in the travel industry and I have been witnessing middle-age coworkers reconstructing their teeth to obtain a new look to fit into today’s youth culture.

I am thrilled to begin a journey to gain a wide, broad smile which was denied years ago to my age group. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Jacobson and his competent staff in escorting me to an enhanced new smile.


Dr. Jacobson and his staff are amazing! I am being treated with Invisalign to realign some of my teeth. I had only ever thought of it as a cosmetic treatment, as there are a few teeth that I don’t love the positioning of, but after taking photos and x-rays, Dr. Jacobson did a series of measurements that predicted how my teeth will move and wear in the future and explained how the alignment of the teeth affect my overall health.

They have the most amazing technology and the doctor works from an image that is a photo/x-ray hybrid that made me feel like a character in a futuristic movie. I’m so excited to see the outcome and if I wear the aligners 22 hours each day, my whole treatment should only take a few months! I couldn’t be happier!!


Hi, my name is Marsha Brander and I’m a grandmother. My teeth were crooked and I met Dr. Jacobson and he gave me a retainer. Then, my son, Eric (who was 19 at the time), needed braces so we brought him to Dr. Jacobson and now his teeth are perfect. And now my granddaughters, who are just starting to wear retainers and doing a great job. We’re 3 generation Dr. Jacobson fans. We love him and he’s the best.


I had a severe bad smile, bad gums, just a total hopeless mouth, what I was told. I was told I needed 100’s of 1000’s of dollars’ worth of teeth, false teeth and implants. I decided not to go that route, I went the old fashioned way to a conservative gum doctor and to an exceptional orthodontist and they gave me a good smile. I’m very happy and very pleased. There is hope with old tradition and I just want to say ‘thank you so much.’


I was completely impressed with Dr. Jacobson’s vast knowledge of dentistry and orthodontics. He accurately diagnosed various symptoms I was having and handled them all. For example, for years whenever I would get a migraine headache, my jaw always hurt. After Dr. Jacobson handled my bite, my jaw never hurt again!

I have also received many compliments on my smile since he straightened it. He is extremely competent, 100% accurate and did not stop the treatment until I was completely satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a perfect smile!


My daughter, Christine, came to Dr. Jacobson when she was just 3 years with a significant under-bite. She had to have braces and fell asleep in the chair while they were being put on. She’s now 18, has a beautiful smile (had a set of braces in between) and we’re thrilled with the outcome. Thank you so much.


Thank you, Dr. Jacobson, for curing my husband’s snoring problem. He snored so severely that I couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t sleep… we could hear him in the total opposite end of the house – it was unbelievable! But, you created the appliance for him and it immediately cured the problem. I couldn’t believe it! I never thought that would happen.

He slept the first night without snoring, and has slept every single night with that appliance in his mouth and it is a wonderful result.

He feels rested when he wakes up and I feel rested when I wake up, and I sleep until I wake up in the morning. I’ve had maybe 8 years of not sleeping through the night because my husband’s snoring was so severe. So thank you Dr. Jacobson. We love and appreciate all your hard work.


When I brought Henry here he was 8 ½ yrs old. He was having bad problems with sleep apnea and waking up gasping for air in the middle of the night. Our pediatrician had recommended surgery to open up his airway.

Right about that same time we were bringing him in and he was just getting his permanent teeth in and they were huge so I knew he needed an expander.

We made an appointment with Dr. Jacobson and he said that might open up his airway; we tried it and within months his apnea was gone. He’s now 12 ½ and has never had the sleep apnea recur.

About a month ago we saw on the news a little girl had surgery for sleep apnea and died from complications from the surgery, and I was just so grateful when I saw that that we had brought him here.


Dr. Jacobson’s work is a quintessential amalgam of beauty and function. A master of both science and art, he has over 20 years of experience in his profession – a quality that affords my trust and respect.

I first visited his practice in June of 2018. I was concerned about my bite as my teeth were terribly crooked and my jaw would sometimes lock when I yawned. I was concerned about potential health risks for the future and I really wanted a beautiful smile. Dr. Jacobson analyzed my jaw, bite, and teeth, and he prescribed a series of Invisalign to fix my bite and straighten my teeth.

After only about 6 months of treatment, I was amazed with the results. My smile was beautiful and the way my teeth fit together was noticeably satisfying. My jaw no longer locked when I yawned, which was a huge relief; I didn’t have to fear the idea of getting sleepy and yawning. I feel like my bite is functionally healthy and my smile is aesthetically pleasing.

The entire experience was delightful. The office is immaculate and every visit was a pleasure. The waiting room is so comfortable that I wouldn’t want to leave to go back for my appointment. There is elegant artwork all around the office, and it is one of the most beautiful orthodontic offices I have ever seen.

The staff are very friendly and professional – they make sure to take care of every patient that walks in and all of my requests were satisfied. I am overly content with my choice in Dr. Jacobson for orthodontic work. I truly believe that this is the best orthodontic office in California.


Dr. Jacobson made thick retainers particularly an upper thick retainer to correct my jaw which was popping and in great pain. And after wearing the appliance for maybe 10 days, the jaw is completely back to normal. It’s perfect. I do wear it every night, it’s comfortable, it doesn’t bother me at all and it has done the job. I’m very grateful. Thank you.


I’ve been coming to Dr. Jacobson since November 2005 and when I arrived to see him I had a lot of problems with my bite. I had occlusion, TMJ… and within a year or two he cured me of my occlusion. Now I am completely fine with my TMJ and I’m very happy with the work that I’ve received with Dr. Jacobson and would recommend him.


Our 5 yr old daughter had a really crowded mouth with big teeth coming in early and she came in to have her pictures taken of her teeth and got an expander in order to let her teeth come in easier and she thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.

They said it was one of the smallest expanders they’ve ever seen. It’s hot pink and she really likes it; washes it every day and wears it every night and likes to show it to her friends.

She doesn’t mind when we turn it at all and really, really likes it and hopefully will make her teeth grow in without being so crowded or crooked. So even a 5 yr old can do well with an expander! I hope you can, too!


The surgery and braces here were great. It was quick, easy, painless. Everyone was great working here; it was great to come here everytime. It was an easy experience and the teeth look great afterwards, for sure!


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